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Jean-Baptiste Cabaud
David Champey
Jean-Baptiste Cabaud

After about ten years working in graphic design, JEAN-BAPTISTE CABAUD has been devoting himself entirely to poetry since 2005.

As an author, he likes to publish his texts in books and in magazines (Voix d'Encre, Mercure Liquide, Harfang, Teckel, Triages…). His first book for children, Le Petit Inconnu au Ballon, illustrated by Fred Bernard, published in 2007, Éditions Le Baron Perché, was translated in Brazilian and in Greek. His first collection of poems, Les Mécaniques, was published in 2008, Éditions À Plus d'un Titre.

He regularly gives readings of his texts in France or abroad, either relying solely on his voice or in a performance within the electro-arctic band Saint Octobre.

Jean-Baptiste regularly takes responsibility for editorial projects with various groups involved in poetry (Éditions La Passe du Vent, Éditions À Plus d'un Titre, Éditions de Phénicie…) and throughout the year, he runs meetings and poetry writing workshops in schools, social centres and public libraries, with children, adults or disadvantaged people (disabled, at risk etc.).

Selective bibliography

Le Petit Inconnu au ballon

Book for children
Illustrated by Fred Bernard
Éditions le Baron Perché - Paris - 2007 (re. 2010)
Translations : Brazil - Greece

Les Mécaniques

Éditions À Plus d'un Titre - Lyon - 2008

Published in magazines

Voix d'Encre (Montélimar), Mercure Liquide (Lyon), Harfang (Angers), Teckel (Paris), Triages (St Benoît du Sault)…


Le Cœur du monde extraordinaire

Poetry writing workshops with 600 children from Saint-Étienne Illustrated by Maud Chalmel Educational postscript by Frédéric Pellerin
Éditions de Phénicie - Saint-Étienne - 2011

David Champey

DAVID CHAMPEY is a composer and musician born in 1974.

Since he was a teenager, he has taken part in many rock bands and he passed his sound engineer degree in 1996. Late brutal jazz band Kakodemon's guitarist and composer, today he carries on practising and improving his musical talent within bands as various as Saint Octobre (electro-arctic poetry), Das Wunder Kartoffel (hyperactive rock'n roll), Devil's Guts, (industrial rock) or when he plays live on stage with the Ivory Coast reggae singer Waipa Saberty.

A big fan of noise music and experimental music, he gives free rein to electronic to design Saint Octobre's nuclear and arctic atmospheres.

Discographie sélective

Devil's Gut

Rock or Die - Meka prod


- Réaliser mes ambitions,
ep 6 tracks,

- 2 titres sur “Ceci est une compilation”, compilation of Lyon independant rock scène bands.

Garcydead is more

Music for my Pitbull,
ep 6 tracks,